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The Importance of Knowing Your Strategy
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Opinions Don’t Matter.

Amazing products go undiscovered and companies go broke every day of the week because of people’s opinions. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Too many businesses are afraid to push the envelope with their marketing because of all the opinions in the way. 

“It’s too pushy”… “My audience won’t resonate with that kind of marketing”… “It’ll turn them off.”  

My response these statement (opinions) is always the same: “Do you have data to support that statement?” 

And it’s not just business owner’s opinions that get them in trouble. It’s business owners who (only) “listen” to their customer’s opinions. Customer opinions don’t matter either. Not all the time. What your audience says and what they do are often entirely different. Human nature is to tell people what we think they “want” to hear. And that’s why market surveys also don’t matter. They’re usually not worth the time… or money.

Clayton Makepeace is known as “The World’s Highest Paid Copywriter,” and for good reason. His ability to craft messages that make credit cards fly out of wallets and purses has sold over $1,000,000,000 (that’s a billion with a “B”) worth of products and services. 

He was also one of our clients and working partners before he hung up his pen and sailed off into the sunset in Siesta Key.

What Clayton told us about opinions should be emblazoned on the office walls of every business owner, marketing manager and CFO in the world. 

“The only opinion that’s worth a damn is one that’s accompanied by a check.”

Clayton Makepeace
“World’s Highest Paid Copywriter”

So again, the moral of the story is: Opinions and theories don’t matter. Sales matter. And the only thing we care about is focusing on the things that bring you sales. Vanity advertising is NOT our bag. Hope that’s ok…

Before we can tell you “what” we do, it’s important (actually, it’s required) we know “why” we’re doing it.

Let’s be honest… online marketing is full of cool toys and “shiny new objects” you can play with. Trying to keep track of it all – let alone make it all work together is enough to can make a grown man cry. (Our pronouns are “he, him, his”… or “hey you” if you prefer).  
In our experience, all the bells and whistles in the world won’t make up for a weak message.

 Every business comes from “somewhere”… there’s a heart and soul that lies beneath the product packaging… and if you don’t get your message right, everything else will suffer.

 So when we sit down with you for our initial strategy sessions, we’re going to ask you a lot of questions, both about you, AND your ideal customer.

In fact, there will be homework before we even meet. 

You’ll be asked to fill out a very thorough questionnaire so we can get to know you, your customer and your business on an intimate level.

It doesn’t matter if you sell toasters or wrist watches like a thousand other companies. What we want to know is: Why do YOU sell toasters or wrist watches… what makes YOUR toaster special, better and unique… and how does all of this affect your ideal target customer?

Do you even know who your ideal target customer is?

Do you have data to support that?

In other words, what we want to know is…

What’s the story behind your storefront?

Fair warning: These types of questions can make a lot of business owners very uncomfortable.

Sadly, most of the businesses we help have never really undergone this level of introspection about their business, OR their customers.

Once we get your cultures back from our (marketing) lab, we can diagnose the findings and decide exactly “what” your message really is, and to “whom” we should be telling your story.  From there we can prescribe a focused strategy for getting your message in front of your audience, en masse. 

It might sound silly, but a simple headline tweak can mean the difference between success and failure. 

Repositioning your product in subtle (or sometimes dramatic) ways… or introducing you to a new audience… or other seemingly “simple” ideas can produce the marketing breakthrough you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t always have to be painful to get big results.

So please, don’t just think we push buttons to keep it all running behind the scenes. You can hire some VA’s off Fiverr to do that.

We’re much “deeper”… and it all starts with a Deep Dive into the DNA of your business.

So, If you’re ready for a (gentle) marketing autopsy, download our free Focused Business Deep Dive below and let’s figure out how we can make magic happen for you this year!

Even if we’re not a good fit for each other, our Deep Dive document can give you insights about your business you may have never even considered before.

It really is THAT valuable.

How well do you you really know your customer? Download our
Free Focused Deep Dive to find out

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What We Do…

PPC Marketing

Our certified PPC experts will conduct an audit to evaluate your eCommerce reputation. From here, we will create a data-driven strategy to execute your company goals. Our team knows exactly how to create ads that will speak to your audience, showcase brand value and provide the right ROI. We will analyze data and work with you to locate the right formula to increase your PPC revenue.

Our team will focus on all major paid channels like Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Bing Shopping, Retargeting Ads, Social Ads and more.

  • Proprietary campaign architecture to drive maximum ROI
  • Test campaigns in real-time
  • Optimize budget and in-depth analysis

Brent did you want this written in a shorter form w/no bullets itemizing tasks? just say we ‘do it all’ soup to nuts?

Amazon Marketing (Marketplace Marketing)

Over 95% of US online shoppers buy from Marketplace websites. Amazon is the largest eCommerce marketplace and should never be ignored. Selling on a large marketplace platform is a great way for eCommerce businesses to widen their audience and to grow their brand. Our team consists of trained Amazon experts who can build a strong PPC strategy that will help maximize your revenue.

  • A+ Content Design and Support
  • Seamless product integration
  • Listing uploads and management
  • Focused Keyword Research
  • Campaign Auditing and Reporting
  • Strategic Bid Management

Google Shopping

We are a Google Ads Partner and have 10+ Google Certified employees. Google shopping accounts for more than 75% of US retailers search. Google shopping is extremely effecting when advertising for eCommerce brands. Our principle is simple. To engage with customers throughout their shopping journey by increasing clicks and conversions by optimizing your shopping ad budget.

  • Optimize titles, descriptions and product image quality
  • Data Feed Optimization and management
  • Optimization of Bid Strategies
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Real Time Data and 24/7 Tracking
  • Scan for potential negative keywords
  • Product performance optimization

Email Marketing

Our email marketing strategies help you get a quicker ROI. By speeding up the sales cycle, your prospects become your loyal customers. We are able to save you time by creating engaging newsletters, drip campaigns, email automations and more. Our graphic designer, analysts, account manager, and email experts will create a seamless process to help create a systematic flow of emails to your customer base.

  • Email List Management
  • Custom Designed high-performing email campaigns
  • Email Marketing Reporting
  • In-House Email Marketing Software
  • Email Drip Campaigns and automations
  • Quicker Sales Cycle